CGS Programmes - Auchi Polytechnic

CGS Programmes

The centre connects directly on the following areas:

  • Institution of Counseling Units/Teacher Counselors in the Polytechnic: These counselors provide adequate counseling to students within their schools, help them set their priorities right. Assist them on how to manage their time and challenges among others and report notable cases to the Centre. On the other hand we also have senior counselors to handle staff matters.
  • Institution of Gender Ambassadors: These are chosen from among students as peer educators, participating in meeting the specific needs, concerning capacities of students with challenges without discrimination. The first set of ambassadors was inaugurated in 2015/2016 session, since then it has been an annual programme.
  • Career Seminars: This is organized annually for Secondary School Students from the locality to assist them in their career choices.
  • Empowerment programmes: We are involved in empowering the needy in our midst for proper integration into the system. A typical example is the empowerment of widows.
  • Radio Programme: The Centre hosts a weekly radio program on Hill Side FM 94.1 every Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. to address Gender issues and sensitize the public.